• Betsy Bonnema

    Betsy believes loving your work can be contagious, and she founded these programs to help small business owners and entrepreneurs fall back in love with their work. She's the owner of redstar creative agency which has been serving clients for over 30 years.

  • Gina Lieser

    Gina believes that when people feel seen they build community. She owned a successful women's retail store in the area for over 10 years and has joined our team to share her expertise and help us build a strong, connected community of movers and shakers.

  • Kristin Allen

    Kristin believes that the process of making art can be magical and transformative, and that when we gather around the same work table, artmaking can build community. She owns greenwater garage & gallery and is our lead designer.

  • Wyatt Allen

    Wyatt believes that every story has the power to create change, and he supports our programs in so many ways. When he's not busy recording and producing our podcast episodes, he helps us do live roundtables, manage events and generally make things happen.


our SWIF partnership

Our programming would not be possible without our partnershiop with the Southwest Initiative Foundation (SWIF). We provide technical assistance to their loan recipients with a shared vision to help small business owners in our rural areas thrive. Recently, we traveled to Chicago with Jackie Turner and Scott Marquardt from SWIF to accept an award from the Mid-America EDC for success with our business reinvention program. It was a proud moment.

We love our work and we love our partners!

events made possible by SWIF