Drawing Water from an Empty Bucket

Nathalie Nkashama, owner of World Mart in Worthington, Minnesota, is a force for good and a creator of positive change. She is bridging the gap between people, knowledge, cultures and more through her business, World Mart. World Mart started as a brick-and-mortar store in 2018 as a way to connect people in her community and to supply ethnic foods missing for immigrant families. Since then, she has converted that dream and a city bus into a mobile grocery and food truck that is reaching families and connecting communities. Nathalie is educating and connecting her community one ethinic dish at a time serving up authentic flavors from around the world. Community favorites include British Fish & Chips, African Sambusa, Congolese favorites, Ethiopian flavors, French Crepes and her famous dry rubbed barbecue ribs. Watch Nathalie's Roundtable discussion for inspiration and motivation to follow your passion, even when the bucket is dry.

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