Sunshine & Whiskey Filling Station with Autumn Lee


Autumn Lee believes in transforming fear into freedom.
She takes life on head first because "No one can take away your birthday".
Autumn owns Sunshine & Whiskey Filling Station and the Salty Heifer Liquor store in Watson, MN, a town of 180 people. There is no better person who understands the struggle and importance of small business ownership in a small rural town.

Autumn balances the schedules of business ownerships, farming, twin teenage girls and everything else life throws hers way. She is a bad ass business owner that focuses on her customers, time management, mindset and understanding the in-and-out operations of her business. Autumn joined the un/academy community when she completed Startup Bootcamp in 2023, where she left a lasting impact on us and continues to motivate all those she meets. She believes small business ownership is what small communities thrive on, they are the backbone of a community.

Listen in for a great story about grit, hope, hustle, putting in the work and rebuilding a community one step at a time.

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