Sandhill Mill with Brittany & Peter Haugen

Brittany and Peter Haugen believe in meaningful nourishment.
Together, they have created Sandhill Mill in Canby MN, where they grow, harvest, mill and sell wholesome ancient grain flour and ethically grown food. When Brittany and Peter attended Startup Bootcamp fall 2022, they each had their own reasons for wanting to start ‘the yet to be named’ mill. Going through the program process together they gained an understanding of each other's passion around the business, established a common goal and were able to combine their ideas to launch Sandhill Mill. Listen in as Peter & Brittany tell us about their passion for learning, farming, cooking and educating others to connect them to their food source. Learn how they worked together using each other's strengths, trusted their instinct and took the leap into small business ownership all while raising a family of three boys.

This is the story of how a big idea became reality in rural Minnesota.

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